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Associated with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a Registered Investment Advisor and Broker/Dealer.

Making Connections

We want to help you reach your financial destination.

More than a decade ago, we two seasoned financial advisors discovered that we shared a strong bond born out of our commitment, core values, and impactful life events. We both realized that we were meant to be there for each other and for our clients. We’ve come together from converging paths, united in a common goal of helping you pursue your aspirations.

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Friends and Partners

We encourage and motivate each other to do our best work for you.

You can rely on our partnership and our combined strengths and knowledge base to offer the sound financial guidance and prudent strategies you need to succeed. Let us build your bridge to span your financial gaps and connect you with the future you envision.

​Meet Our Team​ 

Combined Strengths

Joining together to better serve your evolving needs.

We decided to leverage our individual strengths and create synergy between our financial services practices by forming Convergence Financial Partners. Working together, we share ideas and strategies with each other, so that we can offer you our advanced wealth management and retirement income planning capabilities.

Our Core Values

Our mission and values all revolve around helping you make meaning of your wealth. We want you to feel confident enough to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, rather than stashing it away where it may serve no meaningful purpose.



Money means nothing if it can’t bring you joy. We want to help you use your wealth to live a more fulfilling life.



When your concerns require important decision-making, we’re there to help you navigate your way through life’s transitions.



We want to see each client succeed and we enjoy cheering them on along their financial journey.